Curious Corner by Chamarel is not what it seems

One of the best places to visit in Mauritius, especially if you have children or are a big child, is the Curious Corner of Chamarel. It is located right in front of the Seven Coloured Earths. In Mauritius it rains a lot so it is advisable to go that place first and then to Curious Corner of Chamarel, which is one of the few attractions relatively roofed on the island.

The entrance of Curious Corner of Chamarel reminded me a little of the Teatro Museo of Salvador Dalí in Figueres. Things that are out of place start from outside the building. You can see a boat on the roof of the main door, as well as jeans that serve as pots and a car covered in grass.


Three British friends, two who are married to women from Mauritius, were drinking rum when they invented the idea of creating a place of magic and mystery, where nothing is really as it seems. If you want to try the rum you can visit La Rhumerie de Chamarel and understand why the owners say that there is certainly something in the water.

The philosophy of the place is based on the fact that we are all curious, which is one of the innate characteristics of human beings. Curiosity is what has created and shaped the environment of human beings. But what is real and what is only an illusion?


When we arrived they asked us where we were from and we answered from Panama. They told us that we were the first people from that country to visit, which happens a lot since I come from a small country. After buying the ticket we went to an open area where we received a lady who worked at the site. The visit was guided in part by her who also served as a photographer.

Basically you have all these places that allow optical illusions. There is a giant table that you take photos from below, a giant chair and a table that seems to be floating when standing. Two other exhibitions play with the size of the people, one looks giant and the other miniature. Murals on the walls allow you to take some pretty cool photos where it looks like you were robbing a safe.

Then you will go to the closed part of Curious Corner of Chamarel that begins with a challenge to find the exit in a library.

When you manage to open the secret door you will go to the upside down house. With the help of the guide you can take lots of pictures, remember to be creative.

You will go up to the second floor where you will find the music room. This room is the most interactive. It also had some caricatures reflected in a glass that I found curious. Ames room is here and the guide takes a picture of you from outside where you should be at the ends of the room. One person looks giant and the other miniature.

You go down an elevator until you reach the labyrinth of mirrors (it’s the first time I’m in one). You will find 200 confusing mirrors until you reach the exit.

In total there are about 40 exhibitions in Curious Corner of Chamarel. They also have a restaurant where they make pizza in the shape of a volcano and a small souvenir shop. You can spend about an hour and a half touring the entire site.

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