Villa Brown Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem

I love boutique hotels! If I could put a thousand exclamation marks to that sentence I would put them. When you visit a small hotel you feel at home and they address using your name. Villa Brown Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

We went from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by bus and arrived at the hotel just after noon. The plan was to go to visit Palestine that afternoon, but since it was autumn the days were short and we realized that we would not have time. We decided to take things easy, check in at the hotel and go to explore Jerusalem.

A red door takes you in a colorful world

You enter through a red door full of bougainvilleas to move into a cozy patio perfect for spending time. I am a nature lover, so I was very happy to stay in such a green hotel. In the courtyard there were tables, mirrors, bird cage (without birds), among other details. I soon realized that the one who decorated the hotel has very good taste.

When you enter the hotel there is a breakfast bar, with green-lined dining cabins and red seats. Jerusalem is a city without color, by law all buildings have to be limestone, which blends very well with the desert. Seeing so much color was very pleasant visually.

A huge bouquet of orange and red roses is visible when you enter Villa Brown Boutique Hotel. Next to it is a liquor cart, along with more red sofas.

Finally you arrive at the reception where they checked us in and gave us a glass of champagne. We spent a while at the bookstore while getting our rooms ready.

The best breakfast in the world can be found at Villa Brown Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem

As we arrived a little after noon, we asked the hotel if they had anything to eat. Villa Brown Boutique Hotel makes breakfast and brunch but does not have a full restaurant, although it offers snacks at the bar but they were not very elaborate. We were lucky, because Chef Ichai Souffan was still at the hotel. My mom and I both ordered shakshuka, which are poached eggs with tomato sauce, very typical of Israel and my friend Anaite asked for nothing.

Apparently, when one asks for breakfast at Villa Brown Boutique Hotel, it is as if one were requesting a banquet.

They brought us more dishes than we could eat, each one richer than the other. The food in Israel is delicious; from olives to a plate with chickpea, onions, yogurt and a type of fried bread. There was fresh salad with cheese and fish.

When we were already going to explode from the plain, the chef decided to bring us a croissant-style bread with yogurt that was typical of the region. It was delicious!

Luxurious rooms with all the amenities at Villa Brown Boutique Hotel

When I opened the door of the room the first thing I saw was a bottle of wine placed in a golden tray with an envelope that said my name. Inside the envelope was a letter welcoming me to the hotel and telling me a little about the history of the place.

The room at Villa Brown Boutique Hotel had curtains and purple carpet with a green background wall. The bed occupied much of the room and on the sides were two small bedside tables. One had a bottle of water. The bathroom had Molton Brown brand amenities. As the brand is called similar to the hotel, I had to check if they were the same owners, but it turns out that is not the case.

The girl who checked us in took us to do a small inspection of the hotel, which turns out to be quite new. She took us to the rooftop where there is a jacuzzi, ideal for those who go as a couple. There is also a small spa.

She told us that Villa Brown Boutique Hotel has a cave-style bar in the basement. This space once served as the residence’s water cistern during the 19th century.

A house in Jerusalem with a lot of history

The house where this hotel in Jerusalem is located used to be the private residence of a doctor with a lot of money. He was known for his galas and ostentatious receptions attended by the entire high society of the city.

The residence was remodeled and two additional floors were added for the suites and the rooftop spa. The style is of the colonial era, both Ottoman and British and maintains all the original walls.

Villa Brown Boutique Hotel is located in a very good part of the city of Jerusalem. It is only 10 minutes walk from the walled colonial city. The neighborhood is one of the oldest but it is located in the modern city.

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