Custom Trips to Panama

Travel agencies have change a lot through the course of the years. While online travel agencies (OTAs) offer the convenience of instant booking, they are also impersonal. Do you always know what you are booking? Is it the right choice? When you need to make a change you have to contact a call center and press 10 options for them to finally pass you to a human.

Traditional travel agencies set up packages and offer those options to clients. However they are always pre-made usually with the same options they have been offering for years. What I do is more of a consulting service where I help you pick the right options. It is not selling a package but ensuring that you have the best experience according to your interests, tastes, budget and time of stay.

I have had to travel the country during the many years I have of doing campaigns for the government of Panama, Air Panama and numerous hotels including Playa Blanca Resort, Casa Grande Bambito, Villa Palma Hotel, Casa de Campo Pedasi, Panamonte Hotel, Nitro City Resort, among others. Writing has also been a source of information as I get to participate in experiences and learn about them.

Let me help you have the best experience possible in my country, Panama.

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