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Content creation has always been important for both brands and public figures. People want to know who you are and what you have to offer. With the Internet era the shift has changed from print and television to digital. Companies that advertise in both realms still need to have a consistent graphic line and image style.

If you want to create loyalty with your clients, then you need to form a daily relationship with them. Social media is a good way to do so, but keep in mind that most sales are done by phone, email or e-commerce. Content written on your website should be syndicated, distributed and promoted through social media.

Relevant information shows that you or your company is an expert on the subject. Writing content also helps clients make better product decisions since they are more aware of what they are buying.

When you have a question what do you do? Probably go to Google who answers over four billion search queries per day. How do people find your website? Through your content. As search engines become smarter they need to provide users with the right information. In order for that to be your information, then you need to constantly post new content which is relevant to your industry or product. Each piece of content, may it be an article or photo, is indexed by search engines making it a potential entry point.


I work with companies in the tourism industry to help them according to their particular needs. We begin with a general description of the business, then do a brainstorming session that ends in an action plan. I have worked with the governments of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Israel, Indonesia and Guatemala. In the private sector with Turkish Airlines, TAP Portugal, Air Panama, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Marriott, Faranda Hotels and Selina. Apart from an endless number of small businesses in Panama that include restaurants, hotels, tour operators and associations.

Interesting travel trends

  • According to TrekkSoft in 2018 the percentage of direct website bookings feel from 79.2% to 66.7% while intermediaries such as agents, affiliates and local tourists office went up. This means people are looking for websites that provide more information than just a way to book.
  • Facebook IQ says that 51% of US travelers spend less than one week doing research on their trip. Last minute reservations are willing to spend a lot less than those booking at least 12 weeks in advance. Research from Booking shows that travelers who book in advance spend 47% more on lodging and 81% more on transportation making them valuable clients.
  • With more freelance workers in developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, families have more time and flexibility to travel. Solo travelers are also on the rise as people are waiting longer to get married, especially the millennials and Gen Z.
  • 52% of consumers say blogs have impacted their purchasing decision, while 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase goods from businesses that offer custom content.
  • In 2018, marketers invested $12.5 billion in online content.

I work with companies in the tourism industry to help them according to their particular needs. We begin with a general description of the business, then do a brainstorming session that ends in an action plan.

What my team can offer?

Custom profesional photography: when you use stock photography you are not showing your clients a true vision of your product or service. In a world where we all are looking for uniqueness this strategy will not allow you to stand out. Also you run the chance that a client will find your photo on another website or campaign. It is always best to invest in good photos especially in the tourism industry.

Videos: although SEO requires written content, let’s face it, people are lazy and we are driven by YouTube, television and movies. Short videos can be great content for social media, while longer videos are good to have to show in events, conventions and roadshows. Allowing clients to see and feel what it would be like to live the experience will make it easier to get a sale.

Copywriting: if you want organic traffic (meaning not paid) you need to have fresh and unique content, because duplicate content is penalized by search engines. Travelers are likely to read your content since they need to do research before going on their trip. Collaborating with articles to other blogs or magazines is a great way to raise your brand awareness.

Website: is it perhaps time to update yours? With such a strong emphasis on social media, many forget the importance of a website. A good website can sell while you sleep, so it is important to be responsive (mobile friendly) and provide a clean, easy navigation experience. We can check how long clients stay on site and what they do in order to improve their experience.

Graphic design: a good graphic design style is imperative to sell tourism. This applies to all your selling tools such as social media, website, brochures, catalogs, etc. We can also create or update your logo if we consider this to be necessary.

Advertising campaigns: all of my years working in tourism I haven’t found a single advertising agency that knows how to sell tourism. Which is why we had to learn how to do it ourselves. Starting from the fact that each company has unique needs and clients that need to be analyzed before pitching a campaign.

Government campaigns: we have done campaigns for several governments. Some are simply to push tourism in another country, while others are more complex like doing inventories of all the national parks or agro-tourism farms in order to do marketing campaigns.

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