Grind cane, milk and ride a horse in Hato Viejo

Hato Viejo started as an agro-tourism farm in 2004. This 170-hectare farm is located in Anton on the Pan-American Highway near the most famous Pacific beaches in Cocle. Originally it belonged to the Cacique Chiru and it was a breeding place for deer. It is very rare to see them today. Before passing to the current owners was a peasant settlement that grew rice and corn.

Agro tourism experiences

At first, Hato Viejo only offered horseback riding, milking experience and traditional sugar mill tours. When we went to visit they showed us all the experiences. We started with the milking where they teach you how to clean the udder to avoid contaminating the milk and then proceed to dry it. You must carefully pull the nipple to remove dirt and then place a bucket down. You’re going to pull until they look deflated and you’ve got all the milk out.

They have about 150 heads of fattening cattle as a pastime but they only milk two. There is no minimum age, children can do it from two or three years. Hato Viejo cowboys will always be there to help.

Then they showed us how to saddle a horse. I already had experience riding as I practiced horse riding when I was young. They have 8 horses that is ideal to organize a group ride. We took a short trail to a river where we went with the horses until they did not want to go deeper.

If you want to go longer, they have a 2.25 kilometer trail that leaves and ends at the Equestrian Club. You can also walk or ride bicycles, at the moment you must bring yours, but in the future they will have them.

We tied our horses next to a ranch that is home to a traditional sugar mill. The assistants of the farm showed us how to insert the cane in the middle and turn the mill to produce the juice.

It was a little hot, since it was almost noon, and we enjoyed the juice very much which they cooled with ice.

Hato Viejo Boutique Hotel

This project started as a real estate project with the sale of lots. They are in the first of three phases of development. Then they built the accommodation. This small hotel has 14 rooms in total, of which six are suites and eight junior suites.

The difference is a kitchenette to prepare meals. In addition, the suites have a master bedroom and an anteroom, while the junior suites have a single room with a terrace.

The majority of its clientele is nationals that come with their families to rest. Hato Viejo Hotel Boutique has two restaurants that offer food and beverage services. One is in the hotel and the other is next to the pool.

The farm produces lemons, oranges, mangoes and mamey for consumption. In addition, they have spaces for parties and meetings including a room with a capacity for 35 people. It is possible to get a massage and use the jacuzzi but you need to book.

Those who want to spend the day can buy a day pass that gives them access to the facilities. They can do the tours but they need to book two days in advance if they are not guests and have a minimum of four people.

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