Granja Campo y Aventura has Animals and / or Adrenaline

Granja Campo and Aventura is located in the corregimiento of Cativa in the Province of Colon, 68 kilometers from Panama City. If you take the highway you can arrive in less than an hour. Waze told us to get off the highway at a residential neighborhood and we thought we had made a mistake. Luckily, we saw signs of the farm and we realized that it was the right way. This place has many activities divided into rural or adventure options in its 115 hectares.

Butterfly House in Granja Campo y Aventura

The country activities are at the top of the farm where you must walk a short path to get to the butterfly house.

A guide will explain the life cycle of the butterflies in four stages. It begins with eggs laid on leaves where the caterpillar is born who will eat until it sticks to a branch and forms a cocoon.

Inside the cocoon it will transform into an adult butterfly. They can live from a week to nine months depending on the species. In the butterfly house they have about 12 species.

The day we went was between rain and sun. When we arrived at the butterfly house, it became gray and it started raining a little. One curious thing I learned from our guide is that butterflies need sunlight to fly. With the weather they all became calm and moved very little. Which is perfect to take photos of them.

Farm area

Then you will go to a petting animal zoo perfect for children to learn about life in the countryside. They have guinea pigs in a cage that you can open.

Another area is for birds that includes geese; creole and pekinese ducks; turkeys and chickens, including the silka which is ornamental. Laying hens produce between 50-150 eggs per day for restaurant use.

In Granja Campo y Aventura they have two water buffaloes from India that originally arrived in Coclesito. The Granja Alternativa in Coclesito where Omar Torrijos originally brought them.

You can feed them with food, branches or bottles, as well as sheep, goats and pigs.

Go on the adventure

To live the adventures you must go to the lower part of the farm next to Gatun Lake. They have a canopy zipline of five lines with distances from 130 and 240 to the longest with 780 meters of length on the lake. They use harnesses and safety equipment supervised by a group of guides. An extreme adventure park includes suspension bridges with two levels of difficulty: basic and extreme. Children from 7 years old can do it.

Paddle in the lake in a kayak accompanied by a boat for safety or just navigate in the boat. The ride can take you to the other side of Gatun Lake where you find the Hotel Melia Panama Canal.

It is even possible to fish sergeants in Gatun Lake. These fish are not native to Panama but were brought from Buga, Colombia in 1969. They were placed in a pond for sport fishing and managed to escape and today you can find them in the Alajuela and Gatun lakes that feed the Panama Canal. They are an invasive species that has killed off the native species so do not feel bad about fishing.

You can eat at the Granja Campo y Aventura restaurant next to the lake if you come as a group or at the restaurant next to the main hotel at the top of the farm. The lake has a center with five rooms with bunk beds to host seminars from companies, religious groups or children camps. While the main hotel has 8 rooms for couples or family with a capacity of up to ten people.

Next to it there is a pool area with chairs and a ranch. Granja Campo y Aventura serves cruise groups that stop at the port of Colón 2000.

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