Finca Mi Sueño on the banks of the Caimito River in La Chorrera

Finca Mi Sueño is one of the agro tourism farm closest to Panama City. It is less than an hour from the capital in La Chorrera. You must take the Los Mortales road in the village of Obaldía in La Chorrera. The road is in good condition and I recognized the area because I had gone previously to the house of the brother of the owner of the El Estribo Equestrian Club.

Moises Osto and his wife Merly are the owners of the place. His dream was to have a farm so they selected that name. They are originally from Venezuela and relocated to Panama years ago.

Spend the day or night at Finca Mi Sueño

When we arrived at the farm, Moises gave us a tour, but he let us rest for a while and it was difficult to get up from the hammocks he has in the ranch area. The view is beautiful, a pool with jacuzzi is located on a hill that overlooks the rest of the farm. There is a space with little water so that children can bathe without problems.

They have 3 cabins and 2 rooms with their own bathrooms. It is also possible to camp on the farm.

They receive family, business or government groups for the day. If you want to cook you can do so or they can prepare roasts, stew or other options. The day we went, Moises roasted a meat covered in salt on a grill with firewood. As an accompaniment there were plantains from the farm with a delicious avocado sauce that they say is typical of Venezuela.

The staff of the farm is very attentive. They have a special room and recreational area used for seminars and events. They can also accomodate musical groups outdoors.

Among the rooms is the well of love “where people come to download all their emotions and dreams in a corner of Panama” according to Moises. It’s a nice place to get engaged or celebrate an anniversary.

Ecological trails

Finca Mi Sueño is a place where nature and man are integrated. 3 of the 12 hectares of the farm are covered by forests.

They have a type A ecological reserve where they have identified flora, fauna and species. They hired a biologist to classify the species.

Based on this inventory they are doing technical work to develop a botanical trail specialized in trees.

They are also developing the educational part by working with schools and universities to help them identify the species within the forest that are missing. The trails are marked and safe. They do not require great physical capacity to walk them.

Most of all it’s nice if you like nature since you will have a good time watching the different species and animals. It is recommended to go early since you will be able to see and hear the birds. In the afternoons monkeys descend.

If you do not want to walk you can go horseback riding. They organize horseback riding to go through the hills among the cattle until they reach the Caimito river, which is quiet.

You can bathe the whole year, but in summer it is more appropriate, since in the rainy season it gets chocolate. In that area camping can be done in a protected plain between the trees.

Agricultural and livestock processes

Moises is on the board of directors of Coosmatur that has an exchange program with several farms so products are provided. In situ they sow banana; sweet and spicy chili chili; papaya; passion fruit; paprika, yucca and pumpkin. They show visitors how to plant and grow these species. Everything is planted organically without using chemicals.

They are developing a nursery in Finca Mi Sueño and which will be semented by species: medicinal, aromatic and ornamental. They are going to sell plants in the near future.

In addition to horses they also have chickens and cattle. From cattle, they make milk to make handmade cheeses. When you make your reservation you can request a class to learn how to make cheese.

Visit Finca Mi Sueño in La Chorrera to spend a quiet and pleasant time in an environment that provides contact with nature.

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